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  • Welcome to Dongguan Fengfa precision mould Co., Ltd.


    Quality first, customer first, reputation first.

    About Us
    About the rich hair


    Business scope

    Production and Marketing: Precision Hardware Plastic Mould and Its Parts, Precision Hardware Balance Pressure Continuous Mould, LED and IC Packaging Mould, Automobile Parts Hardware Balance Pressure Mould, etc.

    Products cover fields: electronic connectors, communication frequency electronic products molds, computer peripheral equipment, LED, automotive electronic products molds and automation equipment spare parts and other products.



    The company is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, a famous Chinese mould town. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of precision metal mould and the processing of precision metal plastic mould parts. Create a comfortable working environment for the company staff with constant temperature workshop. The advanced management system should be formulated and implemented strictly, followed by the ISO9001:2008 international quality certification standard.

    The company has advanced processing equipment; Japanese Sodick AQ400:Ls slow-moving wire, Western ultra-high precision slow-moving wire cutting machine M50A, M50B, AMADA optical projection grinding machine, Shadiq and Muye forming EDM, Taiwan's high-speed CNC processing machine, Dawn high-precision surface grinding machine, etc. The main precision measuring instruments and equipment used for quality assurance are trimos height gauge, Nikon tool microscope, altimeter, Nikon projector, micrometer, plug gauge, etc. The quality department monitors the whole process of mould manufacturing and sample making to ensure that the mould is qualified.

    The company devotes itself to designing, processing and manufacturing precision metal plastic moulds and their parts, precision metal weighing and pressing continuous moulds, LED and IC packaging moulds, automotive parts and hardware weighing and pressing moulds, etc. The main moulds business involves electronic connectors, communication frequency electronic products moulds, computer peripheral equipment, LED, automotive electronic products moulds and automation. Equipment spare parts and other products. Companies adhering to the "sincere, honest" business philosophy, excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, perfect after-sales service, won the trust and praise of our customers, welcome new and old customers to patronize!

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